Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist  

Certified Sex Addiction Therapist

Certified Biblio/Poetry Therapist


Dr. Diane Hovey works as a guide to help you gain the necessary insight to uncover your personal areas of darkness which block emotional healing and understanding. In her work as a marriage and family therapist, she assists individuals, families and couples in addressing life altering challenges such as grief, loss, guilt, anxiety, depression, marital problems and other life stresses which impede our abilities to navigate the uncertainties of life.  

Sometimes families fall apart, couples are faced with seemingly impossible challenges, or individuals become overwhelmed by anxiety or depression. At these times, we need help rebuilding healthy relationships with others and ourselves.  Whatever the need, Dr. Diane helps her clients find practical and down to earth ways to address their specific life challenge.  Client goals may include emotional healing, finding understanding, improved communication, clarity of vision, developing more loving relationships or achieving mindfulness in living. 

Dr. Hovey received her Doctor of Philosophy degree in Family Social Science from the University of Minnesota where she studied with leading experts in stress theory. Her research focused on those who live with overwhelming life challenges (disability and chronic illness in the family) and how the resulting stresses impact the meanings that drive behaviors.

Diane also develops and creates therapeutic resources to be used by therapists and individuals to improve their potential for healing and well-being.


Certification & Licensure

 LMFT: Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #1967 -- MN Board of Marriage and Family Therapy  

CSAT: Certified Sex Addiction Therapist # 2012C-1467 - International Institute for Trauma & Addiction Professionals  

CPT: Certified Biblio/Poetry Therapist #2007105 - Federation for Biblio/Poetry Therapy  

Specialized Training


 Equine Assisted Therapy 

Selected Publications

  •  Hovey, D. (2010). When words are not enough: PhotoTherapy Cards™ for youth and adults. St. Paul, MN: aHeARTT Publications  
  • Hovey, D. (2008). Princess Sophia's Gifts  
  • Hovey, D. (2007). They said we'd know in one year. In Layers of Possibility: Healing Poetry. M. Sluytman (Ed).  
  • Hovey, D. (2006).  Below the tip of the iceberg: a poetry therapy workbook for child with special health needs.  
  • Hovey, D. Editor (2001 – 2007). The Muse.  
  • Patterson, J. & Hovey, D. (2000).  Family–centered care for children with special health needs: Rhetoric or reality.   Family Systems & Health.             
  • Hovey, D. (2000).  Parents as partners in the transition process.  Impact. Institute on Community Integration,  University of Minnesota. 


 Selected Conference Presentation Topics:

  • When words are not enough
  • Chronic Illness and What it Can Do for You – Weaving Gold Out of Straw
  • Healthy Marriages Journey Guide: Especially for Parents Who Have Children with Special Needs
  • Illuminating the Fog, Family Connections: When Children Have Special Needs
  • Once Upon A Time: Exploring Creative Ways to Grow Through Grief and Build New Visions
  • Immeasurable Order in Chaos:  Poetry Therapy with Hospitalized Youth and Their Families
  • Reflective Practice & Care of the Soul
  • Building a Place of Acceptance for Children with Special Health Care Needs
  • Creativity:  A Family Technique for Weaving Gold Out of Straw
  • Creativity and Healing:  Understanding Meaning that Shape Decisions
  • Giving Focus to Chaos – the Power of Creativity in Healing
  • The Power of Creativity & Family in Shaping the Future
  • Family-Centered Care
  • Deep "C" Diving: Family Meanings of Disability
  • Uncovering Meanings Utilizing the Poetic and the Visual:  Understanding families who have children with serious  ongoing health conditions 
  • If a Picture's Worth a Thousand Words... : Artistic modes of scientific inquiry in understanding parent's meanings of serious ongoing health conditions
  • When the Political Agenda Sets Your Execution Date:  Families of Children with Disabilities
  • Disability: Stress, Stigma, and Perceptions 

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