Iris Heieren, MA

Licensed Associate Marriage & Family Therapist


Albert Einstein is credited with the saying that it is impossible to solve a problem from within the same consciousness that created it. We can sabotage our own best interests or struggle with defensive routines that can blind us to our own thinking. Chronic anxiety can reduce our abilities over time and erode strengths. Many grew up in dysfunctional families that carry a legacy of confusion and family pain. They suffer from fear, anger, hurt, distrust, loneliness, sadness, shame, guilt, or numbness and struggle with the ability to have fun, or be emotionally intimate with others.

I will work with you to help you to surface assumptions, access strengths, and embrace often slumbering intuition. I provide individual counseling to help move effectively beyond self-defeating habits to a more rewarding, satisfying life while gaining awareness and skills. In marriage counseling and family therapy I will work with you to help you break out of old patterns to communicate and work together more effectively or to avoid replicating patterns in future relationships. I am certified in Prepare & Enrich (Life Innovations), designed to provide feedback to couples intending to get married or for those who want more information regarding their current relationship.

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Certifications & Licensure


LAMFT: Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #3642 -- MN Board of Marriage and Family Therapy

Specialized Training


Comprehensive Clinical Neurofeedback  training - EEG info