Individual Therapy


  When you are in need of support and/or guidance, we are here to help you find the strength, skills, and relief you need to manage life challenges and stresses such as health challenges & medical conditions; coping after trauma, grief or loss; relationship and family issues; and finding life direction.

Family and Couples


 A healthy marriage or family relationship, like a well maintained garden, requires ongoing care and attention. There will always be challenges: uninvited weeds, too much or too little rain, pests, disease, and critters. If these challenges are ignored, your healthy garden will suffer and its appeal will diminish. Even a few short weeks of lack of attention will result in visible signs of neglect. This is no different for any relationship.  And, the neglect of a relationship will have far more serious consequences and wide spread impact. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to push the needs of a relationship aside for other pressing demands. 

Partner Betrayal


   The impact of intimate betrayal is multidimensional and deep.  It rocks the foundation of life. Learning to overcome emotional pain, to trust and to love again requires the restructuring of self.  Through therapy we can help you move beyond betrayal’s seductive grasp, to heal, renew and revitalize self.  

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