When Words Are Not Enough ~

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These PhotoTherapy Cards are an engaging and comfortable tool to use with clients. They offer a non-threatening way to break the ice and open communication. The accessible images help unfold experiences so they can be examined and discussed in a manner not otherwise possible. The use of these cards, whether with clients, for personal reflection, or creative writing, is a springboard to understanding.

PhotoTherapy Cards make it possible to:

• express complex feelings
• talk about guarded thoughts
• think multi-dimensionally
• get out of a rut or move beyond a plateau
• recognize salient aspects of an issue not previously seen
• give a tangible way to express feelings
• unpack multi-level meanings that impact lives
• interweave contradictory thoughts and feelings
• make the chaos of emotions more comprehensible

Developed by Dr. Hovey, a marriage and family therapist and a poetry therapist, based on eighteen years of work with individuals and families living with overwhelming life challenges and ongoing health conditions. The images reflect the thoughts and feelings used by these families to convey their experiences. The PhotoTherapy Cards were decisively selected for their multiple layers of symbolism and meanings. They have been used by several therapists to test their usefulness and applicability in different settings and have proven to be a powerful therapeutic tool.

Box Set Information:

PhotoTherapy Cards: 2 sets, 60 cards per set, 3.25" x 4", quality aqueous coated. Information Guide: Soft cover, 44 pages, 5.25" x 7.38" 

Information Sheet

When Words are Not Enough-Box Set Information (pdf)