Our Therapists

Diane Hovey, PhD, LMFT, CPT, CSAT

I work with you as your guide in helping you gain the insight necessary to uncover your personal areas of darkness which block emotional healing and understanding. I strive to assist individuals, families and couples in addressing life altering challenges such as betrayal, guilt, anxiety, depression, disability, chronic illness, marital problems and other life stresses that impede people’s abilities to navigate the uncertainties of life.  


I provide therapy to children, teenagers, adults, families, and couples who are trying to find ways to improve their lives.  It takes a lot of energy and courage to start counseling and I want to help you find long-lasting relief.  I believe in your ability to heal yourself and my goal is to empower you to find wisdom, strength, and hope.  


I provide individual counseling to help you move effectively beyond self-defeating habits to a more rewarding, satisfying life while gaining awareness and skills. In marriage counseling and family therapy, I will work with you to help you break out of old patterns to communicate and work together more effectively or to avoid replicating patterns in future relationships. 


 Psychotherapy is an opportunity for you to seek professional help in working through challenges which are impacting your well-being and the well-being of those around you. Through hospitality, I provide a safe and empathetic space where we can address the area of concerns. By providing psychoeducation, I will help you understand what’s happening, identify ways of coping with and develop the tools to overcome these challenges. Together, we will work towards establishing your positive well-being.


 When challenges interrupt life, making it difficult to manage, having a therapist/guide to help you regain your potential gets you where you want to be sooner with greater success. I work with you in a collaborative manner to discover your strengths, address your challenges, and unlock your potential. Together we will strive to develop and maintain authentic and rich relationships in your life. 


Life happens in the myriad big and small decisions we make daily that lead to the things we actually do.  We act, or we think, or we mull things over. At times we are unable to choose, stuck in old behaviors or trapped in circular thoughts. I provide counseling to help you resolve ambivalence, rediscover core values or redefine your sense of self. At other times, facing sudden tragedy, coming to therapy provides you with empathetic support and helps you build new emotional resources to effectively move through the difficult time.  

Our Staff



KAREN CARLSON, Office Manager

KAREN CARLSON, Office Manager

   As a poet, essayist, and educator with training in biblio and poetry therapy, I am thrilled to be a part of the team here at Alliance for Healing. When teaching writing, I often tell my students that writing is easy. What is tricky is identifying your purpose and finding balance: knowing when to drive your writing and when to allow yourself to become a vessel and let your words be gifts which flow from you. At Alliance for Healing, we endeavor to embody this daily while helping you find your own purpose and balance.  


KAREN CARLSON, Office Manager

KAREN CARLSON, Office Manager

KAREN CARLSON, Office Manager

As a Certified Medical Assistant, I understand the importance of client privacy while providing a safe, friendly, and respectful office setting in which we hope you will feel calmed and welcome. There is a sense of community within our office which allows all of us to be approachable to one another and our clients. I love being part of the team here and know you will too!