Therapy Services



  We're here to help you find the strength, skills, and relief you need to manage the following challenges . . . 

  • Health challenges & medical conditions
  • Relationship & family issues
  • Infidelity & partner betrayal
  • Sexual addiction & compulsion
  • Stress management
  • Finding life direction
  • Living with the impact of chronic illness or disability
  • Traumatic events, PTSD
  • Separation & divorce
  • Grief & loss
  • Anger & stress management

Family and Couples


 A healthy marriage or family relationship, like a well maintained garden, requires ongoing care and attention. There will always be challenges: uninvited weeds, too much or too little rain, pests, disease, and critters. If these challenges are ignored, your healthy garden will suffer and its appeal will diminish. Even a few short weeks of lack of attention will result in visible signs of neglect. This is no different for any relationship.  And, the neglect of a relationship will have far more serious consequences and wide spread impact. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to push the needs of a relationship aside for other pressing demands. 

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